Taller and thinner? 10 fashion tips to follow

Taller and thinner? 10 fashion tips to follow

How to dress to look taller and thinner? This is the question of many of us, even those who are normal-type, want  to appear taller or slimmer and  we  all would  love to be in that  way , without being on restricted  diets, without hours of gym training and  jogging.

We dedicate these suggestions to those of us who are  more sedentary, more lazy and yet they want to improve their appearance without working too hard.

These tips are also useful to those of us who, although they make  every possible strategies to became more slender, they are still not satisfied with themselves and they want more, even more ….!

Let’s see then,  how to produce a trick for the look, with minimum activities and maximum focus !!

10 tips to look taller and thinner


Let’s start from the bottom:

1) pointy ballerinas produce the optical effect “long- legged” and make your them more slender;

2) nude high- heeled court shoes produce the same result and enhance the height by 8 centimeters.

Actually, with these two small tricks, we get a remarkable effect to look taller..


Now let’s open our closet and see how to dress to look thinner and more slender.

3) The first basic rule is to wear high-waisted garments. Both pants and high-waisted skirts, when paired with short tops, they will give an effect of considerable lengthening of the figure and deceive the outside eye.

4) The solid color and the colors black, blue, brown, remove centimeters in width.

5) The vertical patterns make a slimming effect, without resorting to hard diets.

6) The vertical folds produce the effect “Lengthening of the figure”.

7) Long dresses and long trousers make the figure very slender.


8) And the accessories? Bags must be small.


9) The nuances? Not only black slims: focus on bright shades in summer, like red, green, the important thing is to be monochrome.

10) A single exception to this suggestion: the bicolour used with appropriate cuts that highlight the front and back of the body, using black or dark bands on the sides … with this trick the silhouette decreases by a third !!!

With these few tricks the objective “minimum effort and maximum yield” will certainly be achieved.

Trousers for summer evenings or long pleated dresses, with empire cut, the black or blue color are certainly the most effective and cool; we remind you that flesh-colored stiletto cannot be missing on certain occasions.

All that remains is to try to put into practice these few details, walk out  with dignity during the day or in the evening to collect compliments and wide consents.

For sure!!!

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