Accessorize you properly to enhance your beauty

Accessorize you properly to enhance your beauty

The right accessories not only make your look complete, but (hear –  hear ) make you more beautiful!

In fact, often due to the lack of time or the lack of care, we get used to forget an important part of our look: the accessories.  Nothing could be worse!

Remember my friends, accessories can make the difference … between a basic look and one, let me say that, definitely with a high impact!

Obviously we have to fit everything according our own personality and style.

In fact, the accessory must be suitable for our outfit to enhance us and make people interested in the way we are dressed.

First of all, it’s necessary to decide what kind of style we would like to wear: sporty , elegant  or informal?

If we want to go out and feel free and comfortable, we might dress a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

What kind of accessories should we wear to enhance our style?

Shoes and bag are the first ones we need to focus on and that will be carefully chosen to make the difference…

I try to explain it better!


If we match the white t-shirt and our pants with a pair of sneakers and a leather backpack, the final outfit will be a casual sporty ones. If we prefer to wear a pair of flat shoes and a small handbag with a braided minifoulard, the outfit will, sure, have an informal and very feminine imprint. Finally if we opt for a pair of elegant shoes with high heels and a dark kelly-bag, we get a third look, certainly more stylish and appealing.

Think the same considerations of bijoux, overcoat, belts, hats, scarves, gloves and glasses:  the mix of accessories can be countless and each time it would create a mirror that shows a different side of our personality.

In fact, in my opinion, the only rule that is worth it is to make our outfit an expression of ourselves, to be truly unique and original!

Soft dress in tulle – FUZZISHOP- (Trovamoda)


Soft Jumpsuit FUZZISHOP (Trovamoda)
Soft Jumpsuit FUZZISHOP (Trovamoda)


Soft dress FUZZISHOP
Soft dress FUZZISHOP (Trovamoda)
Soft dress FUZZISHOP (
Soft dress FUZZISHOP (Trovamoda)

We try to keep it in mind, because dressing up is not just about what we wear, but how we match it!

Cover Sabina Ciesielska

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