Beach life with no stress

Beach life with no stress

Useful tips for a light and technological beach vacation

Are you already looking forward to your well-deserved beach vacation? Have you began to think what to pack?

It’s always nice this time of the year, when your mind gets lost in the blue color of the sea and sky, in the yellow and orange of the sun and sunny beaches. And that’s when you start thinking about your next vacation, to those desired beach holidays, and how to make them the best ever.

This year the word of the moment is lightness and technology

If the destination is an unequipped beach, obviously you need to consider adding the umbrella to the routine essentials. Buy a light and portable one. Possibly in light colors, so you can have the coolest shade where take refuge in the hottest hours. Opt for a colorful but above all light and thin towel beach. Protect always your skin from harmful UV rays, initially with high protection sunscreens: that will guarantee a smooth and long-lasting tan.

Useful extra details

But there are many other extra details that will support your well-being and will make much more enjoyable your beach vacation. Give yourself for example a small colorful pochette, better if it matches the beach towel or the beach bag, where you can put the keys, smartphones, a minimal purse, a small mirror and other small objects, that would otherwise be lost in your maxi beach – bag. Opt also for a straw hat, those with an important pitch are certainly, in their simplicity, the most spectacular and functional. Prefer those in pastel shades of blue, light pink or yellow. They are very trend too, those with a short sentence embroidered right on the flap.

Summer Hat With Embodery Text
Summer Hat With Embodery Wordson the Flap

Instead of the classic plastic bottle, in order to respect nature and to avoid polluting the enviroment, but safeguarding its beauty and ecosystem, this year put in your suitcase a  stainless steel water bottle colored as you like. The water stays fresh for 24 hours and the silicone gasket of the cap prevents the escape of it.

You will be absolutely innovative and 100% ecological and you can quench your thirst with flavour and freshness at any time of the day.

Tecnological hobbies

If reading is one of your favourite hobbies, make sure to satisfy this beautiful habit with an ebook reader. According to me reading a real book, I mean a book made with paper is a better experience, but for a few days you can do differently! Remember that the watchword is lightness, so you can easily replace the 2 or 3 bulky books that you have decided to read during this summer with a good ebook reader. Among the many on the market choose the one with the best value for money: do not settle, your eyes are very important!

And how can you  do without a bit of good music? If you love listening to music under the warm sun, you could buy a waterproof mp3 player … I’m sure that with music not only in the head, but also in your ears, your swim in the sea will be surely refreshing as well as a magically pleasant moment: a wonderful mixture of energy and wellness.

Finally in your bag, in addition to the costumes, the pochette, the ebook reader, the mp3 player, the water bottle, the sunscreens, put also a FUZZI dress , it’s light, it takes up little space and if well stored, you will not need ironing it … Ready for a seductive aperitif overlooking the sea?

Happy summer holidays!!!

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