Christmas is coming. What about you?

Christmas is coming. What about you?

Christmas is coming and I have nothing to wear…

Lights are shining in the streets and Christmas trees are decorated, everything is illuminated and the magic of Christmas is everywhere. Gift boxes bring us joy, and we would like to feel light and cheerful but …   it is clear that at Christmas, in addition to the usual daily duties, there are many other things to care about: preparing party dinners, buying presents for children, grandmothers, mothers, all beloved relatives and colleagues. You have to write to friends who live far away, to those you have not seen for a long time, but are still in your heart !  … And the frantic race against time, begins!

You like Cinderella

With admirable enthusiasm, you decide to go to a specialized store or to a market stall to buy the lights for Christmas decorations (those of the last year do not work anymore) and you find yourself among a lot of different types of lights: led, traditional, intermittently variable, crossed, sized, medium, strong or continuous.

At this point, already confused, you are going to buy the ready – made Christmas tree, for sure.

It is so expensive that it must be kept in a safe!

But let’s do everything in an orderly fashion, and, first, let’s go to the toy department, and then to the menswear sector (here it’s very hard to decide what is necessary or not). What’s the best choice? A tie or a pair of socks, a classic or a funny golf? In the end, you opt for an after shave at the perfumery department, where you also buy gifts for your grandparents.

Finally, it is time to take care of yourself.

Usually, when you have to think about your Christmas’ outfit, you should better opt for a comfortable fitting to wear during the lunch with your relatives.

Sitting at the table with aunts and grandparents in a fashion sequin  sheat dress, it should not be your best choice at all! On the contrary, it should be your perfect glamorous look, for a cocktail with your friends, or for a smarty Christmas party

So welcome to romantic or bon ton dresses, not too low-cut , matched with classy shoes or low heeled boots.

Not only skirts, this year,  trousers are the protagonists of Winter: choose a wide and comfortable one and a colored blouse with a beautiful volant, so feminine and trendy.

What about prince?

And after all these arrangements, preparing packages, setting up your house, cooking dinner, and starting the soundtrack of “White Christmas”, you should notice upset that you do forget to put on your face your indispensable, providential, miraculous and expensive face lifting cream !!!!

Once again you should feel like Cinderella … but do the prince save you???

Me not !!!!!!!

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to all of you !!!

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