Cinderella, what she would do nowadays?

Cinderella, what she would do nowadays?

Once upon a time …, so began Cinderella’s tale. She was so sweet, good and submissive, with those odious stepsisters that, together with her evil stepmother, humiliated and despised her; but even if she was so passive and disgraced, Cinderella was saved by a Prince and the situation was resolved!

I have always wondered a lot of questions about this fairy tale… it was not my favorite, because Cinderella’s character has always upset me! “Why  doesn’t she rebel? Why doesn’t she  run away from home? Why doesn’t she make herself respected ?

If we tell this story to our daughters, we make them believe that man is active, strong, loyal and intelligent and that only he can save them. At the same time, we support the stereotype of the passive, beautiful and silent woman.

What do you think about it? Is it right or wrong?

In my opinion what we have to do is to look immediately for the princess inside us!

Say NO to a secondary role, don’t wait for someone who will rescue us… We have to find out our own inner power, because we must rely on it; keep our insecurities away and we will discover we can do everything only by ourselves!

Being queens of our own kingdom should be our main goal. Feeling like real “royals” because, today, we can aspire to our independence and our autonomy: this is the true sense of beauty!

It is not easy, on the contrary, it could be very difficult, we might feel like Cinderella at certain times, but we must be confident and optimistic, and think that our constancy and perseverance can be rewarded one day (just as happened to her!).

As children, it is wonderful to identify ourselves with the princesses of fairy tales, but once grew up, we must change our thoughts and push them towards current and concrete horizons.

A recent book, which distorts the consolidated fairytale version of Cinderella and which has enjoyed worldwide success is ” GOODNIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL LITTLE GIRLS”. A book dedicated to – directly from the words of the authors Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli – the rebel children  all over the world , to whom they address an important message: “dream bigger, aim higher, fight with more energy. And, in doubt, remember: you are right. “

From Serena Williams to Malala Yousafzai, from Rita Levi Montalcini to Frida Kalo, from Margherita Hack to Michelle Obama, 100 are the women told in these pages and illustrated by 60 illustrators from all over the world.

100 examples of female strength and courage, for all women, big and small, that always aim high.

100 extraordinary women that have changed the world,

100 tales to dream big!

Therefore, tell to our daughters and to ourselves, not only princesses’ histories saved  by knights and royal horsemen, that belong to a world as beautiful as it is fantastic, but also, remember to read stories of true women which actually lived and changed our world and that, I believe, they share only the happy ending, with the fairy tales of the past!

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