Are women chaotic or creative?

Are women chaotic or creative?

The life of women who work and have family, today is really complex, the most recent terminology defines us as “multitasking mothers” and with good reason the term corresponds to reality.

The commitments overlap, the responsibilities are many, so we are always on two or three levels of thoughts, and this has become the reality of our days.

At work you must be concentrated, but the distraction is around the corner;  thought goes to the family, the home phone has called while you are busy, and you have to start to the beginning, so it happens that you do not waste time and always seems to have not done the job well or even worse, sometimes it did not end in the required time.

At home then there are many things to do, that all are equally important and  multiply the variables and difficulties , so you end up doing three things at once: it goes from tasks to reorder the documents, the programming of the week at the activities boys’ sports, and bill to pay , the laundry, responding to requests for attention… so the days pass and also here (as at work) we cannot complete everything we were scheduled to do or we cannot play everything neatly.

If you too, in the evening, find yourself wondering why you cannot order, or why your desk is always the most untidy and the house is in a mess, reassured, this is so for many of us, but we are not disorganized, we are not incapable, we are creative, we are sensitive to the demands of others, generous, perhaps perfectionist and that is why we do not always bring things to completion, it’s because we always want to improve them…

Then it’s time to declare that: we are fantastic ! we are heroines !

After this statement however, let us make a promise, we pay a little attention to ourselves, we slow down the pace and sometimes give us time for relax, for intimacy with the partner, for to spend a few hours with friends, or to make a run in the park.

Let us always remember that, if we are satisfied, our loved ones are happier too, so we must defend our time !!

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