Debutante balls in South China!

Debutante balls in South China!

Do you know how they dress up?? Not with long white dresses and Viennese Waltz, no!
Their dresses are really richer and more important than ours, worthy of ancient queens and princesses…

…Once a year, when the trees are newly dressed and the flowers bloom, Miao girls choose their lovers.

For this occasion, waited since they were born, they dress up with the silver beads that their family is accumulating since their birth. Such riches will go with the girl when she gets married and this will be the gift she will bring to her new family.


In a wonderful spring day, every year in April, in a small village called Shidong, in Guizhou region, “Sisters’ Meals Festival” takes place, in which all the Miao ethnic groups of the region participate.

Girls with long manually embroidered dresses richly decorated, wear jackets adorned with silver plaques They wear big headdresses with startling silver on, real crowns worthy of a queen!
At neck two or three layers of very heavy solid silver jewelry.

During the celebration, when they walk very carefully not to mess up, with little steps , they make all the little hanging bells on dresses and headdresses tinkling.
The pendants embossed and manually decorated by expert craftsmen flutter on their headdresses, making a sound that surrounds and fascinates everything…

At this celebration participate both the girls already chosen but not yet married, and those who still have to make their promise.
The first ones can be recognized as they wear a red flower in the hairs, whereas the pink flower indicates the young debs.
Also little girls participate with their silver ornaments, the reason is not to promise them as bride since their early age, they are exposed to show their family economic wealth and love feeling for the little girls.

Debuttante Cina del Sud. #DramyWear4RealLife
Debuttante Cina del Sud. #DramyWear4RealLife Little girl at Sister’s Meals Festival #DramyWear4RealLife

What a strange name has this celebration? The reason why is: in front of the request of a boy who expresses the desire to have a girl as wife, the young woman can choose if she accepts him or not.
She gives him some steamed colored rice balls if the answer is positive or pepper if she intends to refuse the proposal…

At the end of the ceremony the chosen girls who accepted the courtship dance together with their lovers till night, along a river in a large green area…

Good luck Miao girls, we wish you a lot of joy!

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