Jewels and diamonds symbols of indipendence

Jewels and diamonds symbols of indipendence

All women since ancient times have been used to worn jewels (nowadays also men are used too. Infact they wear watches, which are real jewels, earring and bracelet).

A precious jewel, worn with discretion or shown off with exuberance,
gives to the woman the pleasure of adorning herself according to her personal taste, history and culture.

Are jewels and diamonds still women’s best friends?

Anyway, women all over the world they make an incredible show of their ornaments; our engagement ring, with a small diamond or even with an important one, pales in comparison to the jewelry that women love showing off in other parts of the world !!

Tradition from all over the world

In Africa, India, Thailand, China and higher up to the Silk Road, for the engagement ritual, women are literally covered with precious stones, gold, amber, turquoise: so much gold and so many stones, that they have to work hard to support that weight. Such wealth has been accumulated by families since the girls’ birth to constitute their dowry.

To counterbalance these cultures, today in Europe and in the USA, there are many women who “dance alone”. According to some research by De Beers, women who buy jewels independently are constantly increasing and now in the USA, one in three women buys them for herself.

Regardless of its beauty, the pleasure of wearing it and the meaning of a precious stone, the jewel, contains symbolic and profit motives.

Think of the gold diamond ring: it has always been the symbol of love, and both diamonds and gold are the so-called  “safe haven” and a kind of economic investment.

The famous aphorisms (although interpretable with great irony) show the judging thought of women about the value of a gift: we mention just some of the famous phrases about it:”Diamonds are women’s best friends”. Marilyn Monroe. “I have never hated a man to the point of giving him back the jewels received as a gift”. Zsa Zsa Gabor.  “A man is judged by the earrings that he gives to you. Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany”.

New models of consumption

Today, however, where women are free and economically indipendent, the culture has changed, society has changed and new consumption patterns have developed. If women do not buy their own jewelry, they orientate their purchase in 43% of cases, therefore the meaning of value/power that the jewel has always had, today has changed hands and the woman can freely dance alone! …. and shine of her own light … Hurray !!!

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