Dream dresses for real life

Dream dresses for real life

If I had to say, what is the feminine dress that comes closest to idea we have of princesses, that thought goes immediately to Indian women, because in India women dress every day, even today their wonderful sari, which they cover gracefully and colour them from head to toe.

That they go to the market, to work a field or to take water from the well, they are wrapped in their silk veils, long up to feet, edged in silver or gold, of strong colours, vibrant and joyful.

For every occasion or event, tradition wants them to wear a different colour:

1)Red is a very auspicious colour, linked to fertility and is used in weddings (wedding sari are traditionally red).

2)White is a colour used for mourning and for religions functions, it is considered a pure colour.

3)Blue, is historically considered “impure” due to the characteristics of dyeing process and therefore associated with the lower castes.

4)Green is the favourite colour of Muslims ( you can find the flag of Islam ) also for the wedding dress.

5)Yellow is considered to be a good omen, new mothers wear it, and the face of future bride and groom are painted in yellow, on the first day of the Hindu wedding complex.

6)Orange is very popular, and is considered the colour of spirituality, Hindu monks wear orange ( from ochre to saffron anyway ).

7)Black is considered a bad omen and a symbol of sadness.

Despite the distance of the continents, black is also for us a colour associated with sadness: even if we wear it every day, it is our age-old tradition of mourning! Instead, the white, for Hindu is precisely for its purity, the colour linked to the loss of a loved one, for us it is the colour of the wedding….and so? If here, I am allowed to make irony….it makes me wonder: we dress in white because we hope that ours will be a pure and perfect marriage or why do we unconsciously think that, it will become the tomb of our freedom?

But stop with jokes! Let’s go back to those wonderful creatures what are Indian women. In whatever colour they wrap themselves, they are all beautiful, they have an upright and dignified bearing, as if they were real queens, and it is not unusual to see them along dirt roads of poor villages that illuminate with colour and joy, simply with their passage.

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