Dressing like a doll

Dressing like a doll

When I went to Tokyo, just down from the subway, I saw a store that attracted me immediately and I entered. There was prams and little colourful funny dresses for children. They have many choices for girls, tulle, pink colour and jewels attached to the dress, that made it special and precious…. For boys jeans, vests, and very small ties. In the store there was an area with jewels, bracelets and earrings. What about fashion prams? Louis Vuitton prams with the same bag , I never see it before , what a really beautiful news. Why these prams are so little and without padding or adjustment for inclination? I look up and see dummies, I was in a doggy shop!!

I had two strange sensations, amused and alarmed, then I quickly got out, confused between the real world and the fantasy world.

I goes to the neighbourhood Harajuku, my destination of the day, all these emotions take me shape and become reality, I met many little colourful girls wearing funny animal plush backpack or dressed as dames of the 800s, doll and spatial baby of the latest comic Manga.Couples him and her wear the same clothes and friends with the same look and hair colour.

The age here is very low, they are teenagers, the colour of their hair goes from green to pink, from purple to red, from pink to blue. Shops offer them, every accessory, every suggestion suitable for these looks, studs or little hearts, many shops are full of hundreds of these extravagant offers. The false nails of the girls, have pop drawings or dolls, that show up their hands, each finger are different type of design and colour.

This phantasmagorical world made of realty and fiction, is not foreign for Japanese spirit, in Japan there is another opposition, the ancient and the respect of the modern traditions, that pushes towards the future.

Japan has accustomed us to these quirks, it still manages to surprise us with one last news, LULU’ the living doll. Fashion fans are going crazy for this dolly woman, with delicate features, porcelain face, long eyelashes, sad eyes , black hair and elegant clothes.

“LULU’ is not a robot, she has joints of a doll on woman’s body, the boundary between reality and fiction has never been so fleeting. She is completely like a doll, she is a mask, starting from the clothes, to the drawn face, from the wig, to the special socks that hold the joints. This mysterious creature, walking down the modern streets of Tokyo, is a person.” (1)

Lulù Hashimoto - the Japan Real-Life Living Doll - Pic from AgoràClik
Lulù Hashimoto – the Japan Real-Life Living Doll – Pic from AgoràClik

Here again the model of the doll woman is perpetuated, which with her absence of thought confuses, astonishes, restlessly and perhaps makes us dream…. Yes because sometimes, when we are tired, we could also try this model, of course, because it would be nice to be able to indulge in this simulation and be a baby doll, in this way to get everything you want, opening your wide eyes and blinking, nothing more engagements, labours and stress but play, intrigue and seduction, why not ?…..but be careful there is a risk….we could find person who collects bolls then breaks them, or smart man who wants robot woman very efficient in housework. So we have to think about it, before dreaming of LULU’!!!

Notes (1): Sara Mauri . Giornale.it  – 08/09/17

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