Dressing like a princess

Dressing like a princess

When you think of princesses, you are emotionally inclined to imagine them dancing in magnificent ballrooms, elegantly dressed end embellished with precious jewels. Fortunately today, you can aspire to look like a princesses, thinking of them in their everyday life.

Diana Spencer, Grace Kelly, Rayna  of Jordan, Kate Middleton, Ameerah  Al-Taweel, just to name a few, are all princesses who have become models of reference for grace, elegance and charisma, as well as icons of style and femininity, especially in real life.

There are many ways to try to look like a princess. Obviously, you cannot ignore the gentle manners, the security in yourself and the use of a code of behaviour worthy, of a Royal. In addition to this you must dress appropriately, renewing your wardrobe with cloches at the height of a princess.

To build a princess-proof outfit every day and every occasion, you have to follow some simple but fundamental rules.

First of all: choose a classy look. Most of the princesses of modern times do not carry so many frills, dance dresses and tiaras ( except on important occasions ), but an adaption still suits their rank. So, do not discover too much, but tend to leave something to the imagination. Preferably between lace, wallet dresses and square necklines. They are all elements that will give you elegance. Create balance in your clothing. For example, you could wear tight clothing on the top and wider on the bottom, like a soft skirt with bodice on top.

An option for an aspiring princess is a knee-length skirts , rather than formal occasions. Also inspired by the casual clothes of the  class of real princesses: jeans and boots and a nice sweater in neutral colour or embellished with stones are always a good choice.

Wear custom clothes. Even in this case, making changes is incredibly important! It is necessary that what you wear fits you perfectly.

Emphasize one feature. It is rather widespread advice in fashion, but it is something that those who want to dress like a princess should consider carefully. A princess does not try to be at the centre of attention. On the contrary, it make sure that the clothes improve it intelligently and this in itself attracts attention.

Cultivates the art of sobriety. A princess does not try to constantly draw attention to herself. However, often the focus is on her, whether she likes it or not. Choose elegant and sober clothes.

Keep a classy appearance. Use a natural make-up. The princesses generally have a light makeup, which enhances the characteristics of the face, without exaggerating. If you want to look like a princess, the natural look is the right step. Keep your nails well kept. Do not fall into the latest trends in manicure. Wash your hair, comb it with elegance and create a hairstyle that suits your face.

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