Fall in love with fluo colors

Fall in love with fluo colors

Will autumn be over soon and winter season is coming?  Days are grey and dark? No, this year they won’t be! We armed ourselves to fight them on equal terms.

Crazy pop colors will revive our grey days and warm up the coldest ones of next winter.

Bright colors are back!

Red, with its volcanic shades, orange and bordeaux. A great wave of blue and azure to all the nuances of the deepest ocean and the clearest sky and again the green octanes, mint and the yellows.

Black is no longer the iconic and unique color synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Now wardrobes are filling up with light and joy making room for new arrivals: next year, woman apparel will be colored even with pop colors like yellow, orange and fuchsia.

Fluo- olors will explode in the pret a porter collections,  let’s get ready then, let’s start now to check our wardrobe and tone up; let’s fill up with colors, both in clothing and accessories, in makeup and even  inside us, the red will light up the passion, the green the hopes, the orange the harmony, the blues the balance and the yellows the energy !!

The multicolor season has finally arrived and it will be a winter that will fascinate and upset even the rainbow!

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