Creative and free women

Creative and free women

Today I would  like to talk about free women, who do not conform to the female stereotypes that glossy paper, social and media suggest and impose on us.

Being normal is not necessarily the best possible option for facing life. You don’t have to dress as others want. You have to choose how to be.

You need to have an open mind and a free spirit to choose your own life; diversity is a resource, not a limit.

To those who tell us that there is only one kind of femininity:  she who makes herself beautiful, with a thin but sinuous body, with the only objective of pleasing a man, we must let people know that our body, our wrinkles, our clothing, are our history and that we love them.

Our wrinkles are simple indicators of where our smiles are born and so we don’t have to hide them.

The clothes we like, with which we feel comfortable, have no age.

Exuberance and cheerfulness are typical of young people, but staying young in spirit is a great achievement.

Do we like high heels, red shoes, tight dresses, flower prints, or multicolor? Let’s choose them and let’s dress as we like, the dress at any age must reflect the personality of the wearer and through the choice of colors and fabrics, it must bring out the inner world of each one of us.

Let’s just ignore who judges us if we love to dress in a certain way, if we are exuberant, if we love ironic looks , colorful , made of contrasts, if we are rock… Does anyone think that it is not suitable for our age?  the situation? that we are ridiculous?

No ! All this simply shows that we are creative and we love life!

“The external appearance must, for a principle of coherence, necessarily reflect the inner fragrance”. The great Kandinsky wrote in 1912.

Proud to be free women

We must be free to choose who we want to be in life or on every single occasion of the day; therefore we can be attractive felines or ethereal princesses, innocent girls or gritty managers; we can mix colors and prints, use unique accessories because imagination is a precious good , cheerfulness is the engine of life and age is just a mental attitude.

Let’s take our history in hand and refuse to adhere to what others write for us; let’s dress with tulle, color, fantasy, joy at any age and on any occasion!


Cover by Ali Pazani

Italian English