Grace Kelly: fashion timeless icon

Grace Kelly: fashion timeless icon

Grace Kelly was the first woman who turned into reality the female unconscious, related to those fairy tales in which girls who are not of the royal line become princesses.

Grace was the perfect synthesis between beauty and sensuality. Proud and ethereal, she was able to unleash a magnetic sensuality and despite her elegance, careful to respect bon ton’s dictates, she succeeded with her charm to perfectly combine composure with passion.

Poodle and tube skirts, typical garments at that time, were tighted at the slim waist of the actress; the princess, when she did not enchant her subjects and fans with her great soirée outfits, she used to be always sober and measured.

Some pictures show Kelly Grace in her daily outfits which are so elegant and very fashionable still nowadays: pants in capri style, tight and short, to discover her ankle, men’s cut shirts and hats of all shapes; the  Kelly bag, designed in 1935 by Émile-Maurice Hermès, achieved its greatest success when the new-princess Grace tried to hide Caroline of Monaco’s belly’s pregnancy, behind the iconic bag.

Thanks to her and to her touch of glamour, the Kelly bag was produced in 7 versions: from the mini Kelly to the Kelly 32.

Grace Kelly’s style was hers and unique. A mix of recognizable details: the cocktail dress, typical of the New Look of the 50s in midi version, maybe pleated and with a sweetheart neckline that wraps a wasp waist; the headscarf to be used as a handkerchief to not ruffle your hair or tied to the neck or to the bag combined with a pair of maxi sunglasses and large hats to shade the face, a style that marked an era.

Grace is still amazing us, due to the fact that her everyday looks are still fashionable nowadays: a men’s cut shirt, a high-waisted trouser with belt, the dancers shoes on her feet and her simple and timeless elegance bring her back to us, even today.

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