Guideline: how can you talk to a man

Guideline: how can you talk to a man

Do you often ask or say things to a man and do not get the desired result?

Surely! This happens because your communication is not on the same wavelength as him.

In short…your brain works differently from its own. Did not you know? Did you imagine it only or did you think it was a legend or a saying? No…it’s properly like that, it’s scientifically proven: the neuronal are different. While our two hemispheres right and left, continually dialogue with each other, those of men not…are made like this…they tend to not mix rationality with the heart.

But what does this have to do with our way of expressing ourselves? The fact is that, when we make requests or say things, thinking that they interpret them, understand the undertone, we make a big mistake.

Man needs simple and purposeful commands.

So if you want to get something, you simply have to ask for it, directly and unequivocally. Communicating through actions or indirect questions, metaphors, examples, paraphrases and anything else we usually adopt, even strategically, with them is not effective.

I’ll explain better.

You are thirsty, indirectly you ask him if he is thirsty and if he likes something to drink, while you are, for example watching a movie in front the TV, if you think that with this question he understands that in reality you are the one who is thirsty and understanding your need, get up, go to the kitchen, take a glass, fill it and take it to you, you are deluding yourself.

But did you think about it?  You ask him if he is thirsty and you expect that from your question he can deduce something that has not been asked directly by putting his deductive power into the field?

Yours, it’s a question that his brain will record in an elementary way. The answer will be absolutely in line  with stimulus received “No, I’m not thirsty”.

Instead, the correct information that you have to pass is another one: “Darling, I’m very thirsty, would you bring me a glass of water?” …In short, do you want to drink? Ask him to bring you water. Do you have a need? Make a direct request that involves the satisfaction of your need, without a shadow of doubt.

Would you like that he wash your car? Needless to complain to him, that your car is dirty and you should clean it, but you do not have time because… and blah blah. You’re wasting breath and wasting time.

Ask him, in direct way, with no turnaround, with short and elementary sentences, without the possibility of misunderstandings and mistakes.

In general, accustomed to communicating with your him, but also with all the other men, in a simple and direct way, if you want them to do things for you.

Follow the instructions and tell us about your experience!

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