Kit for ‘Emergency classy date outfit’

Kit for ‘Emergency classy date outfit’

(for last minute classy dates )

Sometimes you cannot lose the chance, and you absolutely cannot be caught unprepared.

The daily paces are so tight  that if a ray of sun suddenly rip the sky and lights you up, you must be ready!

For me it’s imperative. But ready for what exactly ? To be kissed obviously..!  Try to think if, while you are working  a new chat comes out from your mobile and a clear invite to date appears distinctly from a recent friend of yours…and you are itching to reply “YES!! HERE I AM!”. Certainly you don’t have time to go back home, take a shower and follow your usual propitiatory ritual to get a fairytale happy ending for your date.

As accepting the proposal you have to dovetail the date after job and before Pilates class… (and yes I agree with you: better stay grounded and not throw to the wind our daily plan, for a boy who shows his interest to see us this very day…) Well,  so how can we do then?

Is your working outfit definitely too professional or too sporty ? No fear, I will reveal you shortly my kit ‘emergency date outfit’ for a practical and dynamic woman, who wants to be perfect for a romantic date…

Kit ‘Emergency date outfit’ :

For the date you are going to use this mini bag instead of your daily purse, for a more sophisticated and interesting look!!

  • Always keep a red lipstick in your purse: you can use it both on your lips for brightness and charm or blend it on cheeks like a blush!!
  • A pair of shoes, necessarily with heels: They could be ankle boots or pumps, in both cases will enhance your look!
  • A scented deodorant: You can find a lot of them on the market, you can chose according to your preferences among different fragrances
  • A printed or solid tulle t-shirt, (it is lightweight and takes up very little space), as a strategic change in case of any unexpected event during lunch time or coffee break. Shop it at (Europe) ar at (Usa & Canada)
  • A little clutch bag, better if matching the shoes, with your mobile inside, house keys, car keys, some tissues, a mini wallet with driving license and money. Everything you think you may need !

Good vibes for your date!!

If your outfit  is jacket, pants and flats or jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, with some simple expedients and some objects to always carry with you, you will make your outfit perfect for your occasions.

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