Lady D. The Princess of style

Lady D. The Princess of style

Without a doubt, Diana has been an icon of her time, also in terms of style, she has created a real “revolution” in the strict royal court and not only: from monochromatic looks to sports outfits, the Princess of Wales has been able to create over the years a decisive and personal image.

She is known for her strong humanity – she was a nanny in London for many years before working in the Young England nursery -, for her timid charisma and, unfortunately, for her tragic death, she left a strong mark in history , in the heart of  the English people and in the field of costume and fashion.

Lady D has dictated trends. First with English designers, then with haute couture brands, managing to become a true style icon.

Her strong passion for fashion, is grown over the years, and she  has been influenced by different phases of her life. From adolescence to when he was an assistant at the Young England school in Knightsbridge, her style was casual and informal, then, after her engagement with Charles and the early years of marriage, she became more classic, traditional and British (as established from the dictates of the Royal Court).

Diana, still shy and awkward, entrusted her wardrobe to the most fashionable British designers of the time, wearing floral dress, sailor suits, tweed, high-necked shirts, flat shoes, suit  and monochromatic  accessories with little make-up on her face; but during the time, she began to get noticed more and more for her charm, especially for official occasions, with haute couture clothes (often with her beloved  one shoulder dress).

She was unforgettable when she danced with John Travolta at the White House wearing  a beautiful blue Edelstein; on the Cannes Croisette (’87) wearing an evening dress in blue silk and chiffon and again in Hong Kong (’89) with the famous Elvis Dress.



She fascinated everyone, even when she visited foreign countries and followed her personal fashion diplomacy, dressing Chanel in Paris, Escada in Germany, Yuki in Japan …

Meanwhile, the marriage with Carlo began to accuse the first problems and, in ’92, the separation was announced until the divorce in ’96. In this period Lady D gave a glamor breakthrough became more sophisticated. More interested in shape (often she was photographed in tracksuit or micro-shorts just out of the gym), she started to experiment new haircuts, shorter dresses with bare shoulders, high heels, etc.



She was always more enchanting, especially during the last years of her life. Her style and her elegance always emerged: whether it appeared in a casual version (often in Armani jeans and Calvin Klein shirt) on a mission in anti-AIDS campaigns and anti-personnel mines, or in a simple white suit next to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, both in a sexy version for the shots by Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier.

This meant to be Diana: to be always in fashion!

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