More beautiful with the right colors!

More beautiful with the right colors!

The most common mistake that we commit in many occasions, is to choose what we like, without considering what is better for us. It is not expect that the two things correspond. So, it happens that we led ourselves by the trend of the time or, more simply, by habit: women who always wear black, for example, think that there aren’t  alternatives, and that only the (non) color exists in stores, they are not even considering other colors. 

Warning! Making the right choice means add value at the combination of skin-eyes-hair, using color as an instrument of beauty.

Do you know that is there a reference color palette for each of us? Wearing garments of “friendly colors”, with the same undertone and intensity, it is important to be more beautiful, even without make-up.

But how to do it ??

Choosing the right colors is a “scientific” issue. In fact, the colors that we wear, interact physically with our skin undertone, and it is from this interaction that it depends on  type of color that enhances us and which, at the contrary, is bad for us.

Our skin undertone can be warm (tending to yellow) or cold (tending to pink).

If you have a warm undertone, you could prefer those of the earth and nature, those that are released in spring and autumn. Among the neutral: cream, beige, dove – grey, pale pink and camel; among the bright ones, there are the red coral, the turquoise, the canary yellow, the orange, the emerald green, the purple orchid, and among the dark, there are the marsala, the rust, the forest green, the coffee, the teal green, the purple aubergine.

For those who have a cold undertone, the colors to be preferred are those cold and saturated. If you prefer the neutrals there are optic white, sand, light graphite gray, pink and pastel blue; Among bright, red raspberry, electric blue, fuchsia, indigo violet, lemon yellow, intense blue; Among dark: black, navy blue, anthracite gray, dark brown, pine green and bordeaux.

All women are part of one of these two categories. It is important to know what is our color, because it means knowing how to enhance ourselves each day, how we wear, given the great power of color on the perception of the face and the image.

But how to identify the tones and undertone? One of the methods is “draping”.


We can sit in front of the mirror and begin the analysis of the color: to do it, you just need to be natural (without make- up) and not tanned. Proceed by bringing different colored sheets to the face. When you have chosen the nuances that best matching with  your skin and with the color of your hair, then you move on to the color palette of the make-up and you find in  this way, not only the colors for clothing, even the right ones for the face .


Do not underestimate the power of color, because when we are observed and observe, it is the first element that affects and determines our image!


(From: Donna Moderna e Gioia)

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