Stop dressing like an Eskimo!

Stop dressing like an Eskimo!

10 things to pack for a ski-holiday weekend

Have you planned a mountain trip this weekend?  Certainly you had a wonderful idea and you have TOP friends or boyfriend!

Would you like me to tell you the 10 things that will help you to better organize bag and baggage without lacking in style and fashion ?

Our time is always limited and even our wardrobe could be barely stocked  for  such a sporadic occasion, of course I am not referring to the passionate of skiing or to  the ones that have the luck to live in the mountains!

I used to wear several layers of clothing, filling my suitcase of garments that could be overlapped for thickness,  without paying too much attention to their matching, as the only important thing is always to get warm … anyway and everywhere.

But this year I want to make an effort, not to be  unprepared when a last minute occasion occurs, and above all I want to be fashion too. So I started to browse some magazines  and to wander around stores to get an idea of what to pack in my suitcase.

  1. Thermal Underwear. Put your beloved wool tank top down in the cellar, wear one of these very warm long sleeve t-shirts in high-tech fabric, expelling sweat to the outside and keep the body warm and dry.
  2. Thermal Tights. Even in this case you can peacefully leave your long wool tights and use those 2.0 in thermal fabric, that keep you warm and dry.
  3. Fleece fabric .Wear it over the thermal t-shirt.
  4. Snow Jacket and high-tec pants. Better if with a good internal padding, especially if you are sensitive to cold. Don’t forget that the jumpsuit is no longer fashion!
  5. Backpack. Yes darling, backpack is not cool only in the city but also for mountain life, you can hold inside a hand warmer, an extra sweater if you are cold, mobile phone, wallet and anything else you need!
  6. Gloves, neck warmer and helmet ( never ski without it!).
  7. For your walks, you can replace the usual wool hat, with a nice headband or with a feld hat or in faux-fur.
  8. A couple of maxi wool sweaters in jacquard or with braids.
  9. A couple of skinny jeans or thermal leggings in eco-friendly leather.
  10. A black dress in stretch lace, if you have planned a special evening (it is light, takes up very little space in your suitcase and does not get creased)

Well, I think now you are ready (me too 🙂 !)… have a funny ski-holiday weekend!

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