Stories of women in business travel

Stories of women in business travel

Female? Then you have to always be at the top of your game and woe betide you if you repeat the same outfit twice, it’s like a sacrilege…especially for business meetings. One thing is certain: if you are a woman, freelancer, it’s obvious that in a business meeting  you have to turn up yourself well dressed, maybe with a  heel 12, especially in a male contest. And, even more certain, is that the day after, in the same situation you have to necessarily change your outfit. Now if everything takes place in your city, maybe the matter is less worrying, but what if you have to move for three days of work?

What kind of suitcase would be yours ? Three different outfits for three different days, and for happy hours and dinners ? What kind of weight and volume are we talking about ?

On the contrary, a man can show up blissfully with his only one outfit. Of the countless and funny certainties of a man, this is definitely one of the most enviable: he can peacefully wear the same suit for several consecutive days, without getting embarrassed:

This kind of detail is not of public interest as a female look instead is (or at least we are led to think so)

Controlled by the “system”, you are forced to travel under the weight of heavy luggage, sure to wear your outfits during the different meetings scheduled. So, as hypnotized by an automatism inserted like a code in your DNA, systemically stretch your arms inside the closet and start throwing in the bag dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, tops, stockings, underwear and more… just to be sure.

Correct or not, for personal vanity or due to a cultural heritage  fobbed us off for years and by any means, you leave mindful that this luggage  will be a burden throughout the trip and when you will be back home at least  half of the clothes will have to be washed and ironed…right or wrong  …  it will be like this and you will have to deal it !

All this happened to me as well, but one day a friend who travels around the world with a briefcase for long periods, revealed to me her secret…

“A friendly advice: improve your travel, pack with your favorite accessories some stretch tulle garments: you are going to travel with a light and small luggage, you will always be certain to have your countless and  perfect  outfits, that will make you feel impeccable in every situation,  and as soon as you are back home, you will be ready for a pleasant evening with your friends instead of spending hours bend over the ironing board!!!

Yes, there is no need to iron the kind of tulle I am speaking about, it doesn’t take space in your suitcase,  it’s light but fits you perfectly, enhances you and makes you feel attractive and feminine.

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