Story of a special gift!

Story of a special gift!

There are things able to arose feelings of desire, it takes just a look at them. There are things that do not need description, it takes just their name to inspire empathy … they are not only words describing objects, but they are real representations of pleasure and happiness:  tulle fabric is surely one of them.

In a hypothetical female evocative scale, tulle is certainly an element that perfectly represents the meeting point between the oneiric dimension and the real world. Tulle, in fact, contains within itself a strong suggestive power that can even makes us fly.

There is a story that tells the magic of this fabric. A story connected to the use of tulle in the prêt-à-porter,  to produce t-shirts, skirts and tulle dresses, which have attracted the attention of the female world and conquered women’s heart … The protagonist is Anna Maria FUZZI, who made tulle fabric the undisputed and dominant actor of her clothing collections.

For a long time now, Anna Maria had been looking for an attractive, feminine, and original material, which was pleasing to the touch, modern and comfortable.

Although she had always participated in fairs and consulted fabric manufacturers, she could not find it. It was a difficult challenge, an uphill struggle: it was like looking for the famous “needle in the haystack”.

However it had to be somewhere the fabric she was looking for.

She was thinking of feminine, sweet women, engaged in their job and in caring for children, practical but refined, always in a hurry or travelling, or intent on doing houseworks with dedication and generosity and she would have liked the clothes they wore had been like them: generous and soft, feminine and supple.

She wished, for all women, a material able to caress their body but she wanted it to be also high-performance and elastic, ready to adapt to every movement and every need, just as only women can do in all the functions they have to perform in their days.

And Christmas night came, Anna Maria went to the theatre and during the dance show she got excited by the beauty and the lightness of the classical dancers and finally she understood what she was looking for! Right …this will be her gift to all women, not only for this magical night, but for every day! She will give to everyone “Dream dresses for a real life!”

Since that day 30 years ago, whole collections were produced, feminine and practical, suitable for every occasion, that do not stretch, never deform, allow to be put in a small suitcase in which pack from the evening dress, to the job one and different clothes for long periods on holidays without carrying heavy luggage.

Fuzzi tulle is now known and appreciated all over the world. FUZZI collections are loved for their unique style.

Maybe it’s because the tulle is the fabric of dancers’ tutus and brides’ dresses, or maybe because it reminds us of the fluttering skirts of the fairies hovering in the sky, or for many other reasons, that tulle is one of those materials that immediately conveys a sense of harmony, lightness and also of delicate and pure femininity.

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