The Magic dress: your new ace in the hole

The Magic dress: your new ace in the hole

Would you like to have a magic dress in your wardrobe? A transformable, reversible and even pocketable dress. As you can see, there are a lot of magics  this  dress can do … with a snap of your fingers you can really get 12 different styles.

It easely turns to a practical long skirt and an original top, swanky beach cover-up and seductive cocktail dress, a mini day dress and a glamorous evening dress. These are just some of the different fits, you can enjoy creating them with your imagination.

Six different styles double because the dress is reversible. That means that you can wear it in the seductive animal print or in the total black tulle version, having always a winning look. Instead, if you feel more charming and comfortable with solid colors, try with a fluorescent red, or, even in this case, opt for the black color, it gives you a sober but trendy appeal.

Wearing the perfect outfit on every occasion has become fast and easy. We women, especially on a business trip or for vacation, must always deal with our suitcase’s small space, with little time for changing our clothes, which is really short sometimes, particularly between the end of a meeting and dinner time… Stop waisting time and money in unnecessary travel to go and change our clothes , or get a bulky change of dress in tow, or travel with heavy luggage. With the FUZZI Magic Dress you can really do a little magic: a surprising change of clothes, wherever and whenever you want!

A passepartout for every occasions!

If you’re planning a weekend out of town or just a drink after a working day, put it in your bag and at the right time, create the style you like best!

Bring it always with you: it is light because it is made of tulle, comfortable because the tulle is stretch and seductive because its shapes will be yours …!

It’s your new  ace in the hole..  It’s your new little black dress, to wear whenever  and however  you want. A passepartout for every occasion.

All this together is really a dream dress for real life!

Where do you get a dress like that ?

You can buy it online only at FUZZISHOP STORE (Europe) or  (Usa & Canada)

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