The magical power of friendship!

The magical power of friendship!

I always thought that friendship was something magical, a value, a feeling, a passion and a perfect combination of spirits destined to be found, that lived beyond time and that had no boundaries, a romantic and carefree vision, certainly, but full of energy, of strength and passion.

I always through that being friends justified a little everything.. the fact that even not feeling or not dating, friendship would never passed, indeed it would always be an indestructible glue.

Now I know with certainty that my considerations are fruit of delicacy and part of ingenuity of female soul, kind, generous and sentimental, it lodges in an inaccurate point of our ego; unfortunately it is not like that, the friendship needs love, constancy and dedication.

A friendship to work must be heard, it must be lived and continually cultivated. Yes because for us women it is a special topic, it is a question on which we invest in terms of heart and expectations.

For men all this is simple and clear, their point of view about it is free of romantic frills and sentimental appendages; in this way ( mean to keep the friendships) I think they are much better than us women, they are extremely basic, practical and routine. One feels and can be seen, whether it’s a pizza, a soccer game or a weekend in the mountains.

We instead postpone and always favour the needs to the last places of the daily agenda, this is how meetings with friends become an impossible mission!

It also happens that suddenly we no longer feel at ease, because relationship no longer seems the same and the feeling are not the same at the begging, but let’s reflect for a moment….relationships evolve, we all change that is normal and desirable.

To appropriate the beauty of a  relation, it is enough simply to add to the idea we have of friendship, on the other hand the intrinsic characteristics, those that have always characterized and that have attracted, amused, helped since adolescence, those remain and are always there, you just have to reset.

We think to the well-being that pervades us when we are together, it is priceless.Staying with our friends makes us free, understood, safe and defensive, but above all it makes us have fun and smile, because with them every event, every unexpected event, every adventure becomes a reason for blissful joy.

We cultivate friendship, we feed attention, taking care of our friends, because with them it is certainly easier and more pleasant to get far, recent American studies also claim that, it is good for health!!!

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