The most beautiful day!

The most beautiful day!

The wedding dress undoubtedly deserves a place of exception in the history of women’s clothes: it is the dream dress for excellence.

The custom of marriage is present in all societies, even the most primitive ones.

It can therefore be said that it is a universal institution, common to all peoples to establish the union between a man and a woman and the birth of a new family, but the marriage ritual changes from country, from culture to culture.

The wedding dress object of desire since childhood, bearer of symbolic signifiers, from purity to fertility, according to the bride’s nationality and witness of the passing of time, has undergone a thousand and more transformations that have led to be the leader eclectic and dreamlike that we know today.

The unforgettable clothes of Grace Kelly, of Lady Diana, of Kate Middleton are as white as almost all those of the western brides, but in the rest of the world, how do the brides dress on that magical day ?

Know the marriage of other women is a fascinating journey around the world, discovering cultures, traditions and dream dresses for the most beautiful day of our lives.

There are who wear a long tunic combined with precious coloured fabrics and who wear a golden headdress, who has face painted white and who wears a red belt tied to the waist as a sign of good luck, who wears a real crown on the head, who adorns with jewels and pure gold.

In short, the wedding dress tells everything about culture, customs and religious beliefs.

Here today we only briefly mention some clothes from the traditions of some parts of the world, but this topic should be explored to know the stories of other women, who even it far away, live the same emotions that each of us lives.

The first place is a duty to reserve it to the wedding dress already recognized as the most important in the world, called World Heritage Site, the Algerian one of Tlencem.

It is the first time in the history of the institution that a piece of clothing enters in the catalogue.

The magnificence of this dress strikes for the preservation of different history and culture, the woman is covered from the head to the feet, of precious stones of pearls, of gold, precious jewellery and jewels and the veil or drape carry on the head, supported by headgear also embroidered with gold threads and trimmings.

Traditional Algerian Wedding Dress (web)

But less luxurious, what about Indian wedding dresses? They are really unique. In northern India, the traditional wedding dress is the red sari, a long tunic combined with precious fabric in bright colour and enriched with embroideries and accessories such as stones and crystals. The bride is covered from head to toe with sixteen types of ornaments, a symbol of femininity linked to the goddess Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, fertility and prosperity according to Hindu culture; the hand escape the decorations and are all designed with Hanna. The result is of extraordinary beauty.

Indian Traditional Wedding Dress (web)

The red dress is also tradition in China, considered auspicious and the most important moment of the party is the tea ceremony, where the newlyweds prepare and give their parents the tea to thank them for the help they gave them in growth and acceptance of their new family.

Traditional wedding Chinese Dress (web)

Multicolour is, finally, the bride of Mongolia who dresses up with contrasts and an important hat. 

Mongolian Traditional Wedding Dress (web)

A nice peculiarity of this ceremony is the traditional gift: a vase of glue, symbol of strong bond between groom and bride and the wish that still today is recited: “The girl is beautiful as the white clouds and the boy is as brave as the eagle of the Gobi desert. We wish eternal love between bride and groom and happiness for life”.

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