The perfect beauty-case

The perfect beauty-case

Lately I’m very attracted to everything that can help me look more fit.

I was always soap and water, attentive to clothing, and especially conscious that my age and the young of my skin allowed me to address with great serenity any kind of light and lighting effect.

Now just over 40…I’m afraid it’s not like that anymore. I find myself damn interested in beauty care, buying foods that may play a hydrating and draining, the cure of Pilates that are manifesting a lifesaver for my relaxed abdominals and beginning to try some unhealthy urge plan my sessions by the beautician, for cleaning face, manicures, pedicures and so on and so forth…

Yeah, I came to the conclusion that must start to make care of myself more than I ever thought, to postpone the physical decline and bear it as long possible.

It is curious how publicity that before didn’t’ deserve a look, now fate my utmost attention. Forming, firming, smoothing, moisturizing products, products for the make-up, to illuminate face and reduce dark circles, to volumes eyelashes and to intensify the look, to beef up the lips, are all there on the pages of fashion magazines and of glossy magazines, where I feel them looking for me, I hear them say my name!

It is as if I had entered in a new phase of my life, in which it is imperative to maintain the current status. I even bought a spray that fixes make-up, because I want that too, to be maintained from morning to night…I hate to look me on the mirror and seeing my kajal create a farfetched effect under my eyes…the blush definitely disappeared under the weight of my hands, that repeatedly and unawares step on the face.


However, to extricate themselves in the jungle of products that are proposed re-launch ourselves in this new seasons, those essential for our care are always the same and are the same basic: a good moisturizer, a long-lasting lipstick, a beautiful smile, a distinct bearing and a well-groomed attire.

If you are particularly lucky, it would not hurt to have a partner who complains to us, he loves us and wants us as we are!




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