The secret of lightness!

The secret of lightness!

The phone rings. It’s your boss, he is telling you with 4 hours’ notice that you will soon have to leave for work, this time for 4 days.

What troubles you is:

– How many outfits should I prepare?

Of course, because “the joys never come alone”, you can board the plane with only one piece of hand luggage!

Well, the despair is reaching its peak. It’s time to open the wardrobe: start doing all your calculations, and start thinking about the various combinations, which outfits choose for the day and which for the evening. The anxiety levels shoot up…

How will you get everything inside the trolley, without it becoming too heavy?

Keep calm and  take a breath.

Today the solution is easy! Password: Lightness!

And what is more light and feminine than a tulle dress?

Beside the fact that they weigh little, these dress  are very versatile. They are very light and exalt femininity and elegance, giving great freedom of movement, moreover … Just add different accessories, in order to have different looks! A casual outfit for the morning or afternoon, turns quickly into an evening outfit for an elegant dinner or a more formal business meeting.

This will avoid wearing double clothes, making trips lighter and more carefree.

Do not forget the fact that when you pull it out of the suitcase you will not have to iron it because this amazing material does not crease! It is a good ally of women!

So, from now on, you don’t need to worry about a last minute departure because to make everything easier, you know the secret of lightness…


Cover David Hofmann

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