The sense of colors: it’s a lady stuff!

The sense of colors: it’s a lady stuff!

Do you know that colors are perceived in different ways? Men and women, in fact have different reactions compared with the same colors, and consequently, compared with the environment in which they relate, and in which they live.

Color is a very important element of human life. In fact, through color, the senses learn reality. Moreover, it isn’t important only for the aesthetic role in the fashion world, but also has a very important symbolic meaning, which follow the man has always. For this reason, people could thinking that men and women all over the world perceive colors in the same way; in reality it is not like that!

Recent studies showing that there are differences in color perception also between men and women: for them, the world has different shades!

A research carried out by the City University of New York in Brooklyn and Hunter, showed that women perceive better the different shades of colors, while men are more able to capture details in the images and distinguish fast-moving stimuli.

Scholars have subjected to experiments men and women over 16 with normal visual abilities, and have noticed that women recognize more nuances of color without difficulty, while men can better decipher clearer images.

Is for this reason that Western men at work, are monochromatic and preferably wear dull colors or dark colors? The majority, rarely launches into chromatic adventures! Instead, women, in the choice of clothes, are more elastic and even if they wear their favorite color, they let themselves be tempted by so many nuances, creating notable differences.

Before choosing the dress, they must evaluate the effectiveness of one or the other shade; brighter, darker, more or less suitable for the occasion, and choose if it is better with the skin tone, combine the tone of the accessories.

Colors, tones and shades are “studied”, before each choice of a look.

The world is a kaleidoscope in which we, the women contribute with all the colors of our clothes and the happy smiles. It will be for the ability to recognize the nuances and see all the wonderful colors of the world, that explains the real reason why we are even more cheerful and smiling than boys? Or is a smile a color too?

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