Today I am charged … of electricity

Today I am charged … of electricity

There are times of the year when it happens to me, to comb my hair and to see them move radially around my head, as if I were the mythological Medusa. Get out of the car and be afraid to touch the door, because of the shock that every time surprises me. So also to wear skirts or dresses that stick to the body or the socks, to undress and feel the sparkles around me … So suddenly my universe becomes a concentrate of electric charges …

I found that all this is normal and widespread (surely it will have happened to you if you are reading!) especially in winter and dry seasons.

I discovered, too, that only a few small gestures are enough, few, but strategic, attentions to keep us safe from these “pungent” shocks. Everything is available to everyone and the techniques are really simple and can be implemented in many situations.

First of all you can resort to metal objects, which will surely help you to discharge electricity.

1) For example you could use a thin coat hanger, making it slide inside the head just before wearing it. You can also pass it between your skin and clothes before or after using them. This trick works best with delicate fabrics like silk.

2) You can use a thimble, and slide it on the surface of the dress.

3) Another trick, which will help you, is to insert a safety pin inside the head. Not obviously on the edge or on the transparent parts, because it would be visible and would ruin the final result of your outfit!

4) If you use shoes with a rubber sole, this will prevent the charges from passing, and you will inevitably and gradually accumulate and, as soon as you touch anything, less charged than you, it will hurt you! So you prefer to wear shoes with leather soles.

5) Alternatively you can spray on hair lacquer clothes just before wearing them, or once worn. Obviously from a distance sufficient to not stain the fabric and especially in the points of greatest adherence with your body. The lacquer, which is in fact used to combat the electrostatic charge of the hair, is also very good on clothes.

6) Finally, but still important, it is to moisturize the skin and use silicone-based products such as balsam and styling cream.

Then there are other ways to put in place, this time however, to prevent the accumulation of electrical charges on clothes, tricks to be implemented during washing and drying of clothes. For example, before turning on the washing machine, you can spread 1/4 cup about 60 ml of bicarbonate on the clothes, (if the load is heavy you can add half a cup about 125 ml). Bicarbonate, in addition to the benefit of neutralizing odors, creates, in fact, a barrier around each garment, preventing the accumulation of negative and positive charges that causes the attachment between the textile fibers.

Once washed, if you use the dryer, set it to the lowest heat for at least 10 minutes, then put a clean and slightly damp cloth or towel inside for the rest of the cycle. Electric charges are more likely to accumulate when the air becomes excessively dry. Adding a damp cloth at the end of the drying cycle prevents, in fact, that the air in the machine becomes too dry.

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Finally, put a humidifier in the closet, in the bedroom or in the laundry room: it will make the space immediately less dry, preventing static electricity in clothes.

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