Travelling light now it’s possible!

Travelling light now it’s possible!

How travelling light? Nowadyas online, you can find hundreds of suggestions about packing your case.They say that a trolley can contain 20 t-shirts, 15 dresses, two pairs of shoes, and some golfs.

Learning how travelling light

To prepare the suitcase correctly it is certainly useful to have a set of containers in which insert the various items (on the web the choice of these containers is very wide). The most functional system for inserting into various containers, seems to be the rolling of every single garment, thus avoiding excessive folds. Another current of thought argues instead that you have to spread out each garment overlapping each other without folding them (excluding obviously dresses and trousers).

Whatever you decide to proceed (rolling up the clothes or putting them on lying) the important thing is that the content of the suitcase is properly secured and fixed. In that way it does not move too much during the journey of the suitcase, then we use the supplied straps or add others, if necessary, and wrapping the various parts with transparent film.

What about long journey?

When we leave for long journeys, for example during the summer holidays, it is useful to have stretch tulle clothing. Using them we can double the number of clothes, tops, skirts and trousers, that we can take with us. For example if the flight operator you have chosen, has a low weight limit, stretch tulle clothing it’s really rewarding!


The advantage is not only the large number of items you can carry with you, the advantage continues on arrival. Indeed, once opened and unpacked your case, all you have to do is to use a hot blow dryer to iron all the clothes that were rolled up, and they will be ready to be hung, and worn.

Furthermore, all the clothes can be easily washed and hung out, to eventually find them dry and ready to be worn, in a few hours.

Sarongs, they are useful on the beach or as shawls in the evening. The evening dress, the t-shirt to wear with jeans, comfort pants and , all these are our precious allies to women. They allow us to be always properly dressed, in any occasion and in any kind of holiday.

Sporty or sedentary, whether you prefer an adventurous vacation or a relaxing holiday, you can’t leave without the stretch tulle clothing.

Practical and elegant, comfortable and feminine, the garments you can find on are dream dresses for real life.

Look at them, try on them, and give us news! And …Have a good trip !!!!

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