User guide for the perfect wedding guest!

User guide for the perfect wedding guest!

In recent years, when I receive the invitation for the wedding of friends, I read it, with certain anxiety …

I am very happy to participate, and usually, I open the elegant invitation, curious to know the location of the celebration and the party, but when I read the last line, at the bottom of the invitation, my thoughts suddenly stop.

“The evening dress is appreciated” …

Probably, today, the flexibility and tolerance of manners has also affected the most formal situations and normally punctuated by precise codes of behavior. In any case, reading this sentence affects me and worries me … it is as if they were telling me, that I will be carefully watched and judged.

Besides not pleased me, this feel me uncomfortable. Do they think that can’t be able to do it? (like all the other guests)?

The detail regarding the evening dress bothered me, above all, because in my mind I had already decided my outfit for this wedding … but It wasn’t in my thoughts the evening dress, I had simply considered to be elegant. In fact, elegance and sobriety are always at the base of my dress code.

But what are the rules of etiquette that we need to know when we buy or re-use a wedding dress, if we are a couple’s friends?

1. The bride is the only protagonist of her wedding day.

Therefore, white and all light colors should be avoided so as not to risk being too similar to the bride as beige, ivory, cream and powder pink.

Red, gold and violet should also be avoided.

You can make an exception for black, recently revalued – only if the  wedding takes place in the evening – and only if it is embellished with colorful accessories or is combined with white.

In conclusion, pastel shades are the most indicated.

  1. Regarding the length of women’s dress, etiquette is very clear: in the evening, the dress of the guests must be formal. Ok, to the long dress, even if an informal or semi-formal evening ceremony can also include a medium-long cocktail dress. The same rule are also applies in the afternoon, but in the morning, a simple medium-long dress is perfect for an informal ceremony.

In the case of semi-formal ceremony during the day it is better to choose a skirt or cocktail dress, but if it is formal, the long dress is required.

In general, miniskirts or dresses that are too short are to be avoided.

3. Concerning the accessories, there are some rules not to be forgotten.

The hat should be worn only if worn by the mothers of the couple and, in general, only on the occasion of very formal daytime ceremonies: in order not to be ridiculous!

The shoes must be décolleté, of soft colors, with not too high heels; in summer, open toe shoes are also universally accepted, but sandals are forbidden. Generally, pantyhose are mandatory, even in summer, but by now it is much more flexible than years ago about this rule.

We say yes to clutch bags and small shoulder bags, no big bags, with handle or shopper. Especially if the ceremony is in church, the shoulders must be covered with stoles, shawl or light jackets – depending on the tastes – also very useful to protect from the cool evening; jewelry, makeup and hairstyle must be discreet.

In general, it is forbidden to wear deep necklines, vertiginous tear dress and an excess of rhinestones and sequins!

Of course, what we have listed are just some rules to be met, but of course if the dress code of the day, it is decided by the couple must choose the right dress and accessories, have fun and make a toast!

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