Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

An old legend tells the origins of Saint Valentine.

A story, according to which, the saint would have donated to a poor girl, an amount of money , which was necessary as dowry for her marriage. Without this gift, the girl could not have married, and without substances and other support, she would be exposed to the risk of perdition. The generous gift  – fruit of love and aimed at love – would therefore have created the tradition of considering the holy bishop Valentino as the protector of lovers (Wikipedia)

Thinking  of nowadays,  how could  our beloved Saint Valentine have helped  a woman about to get married  and to preserve her, I mean, not from perdition, but from the difficulties of marriage? A certain sum would certainly be served, but what else?

Personally I would have liked to possess magic formulas and incantations  in order to better planning my time and distributing improvements here and there!

Anyway ,  I think that the most beautiful thing that Valentine’s Day  still offers today, especially to women in love, is to find again that spirit of teenage girls, which reappears smiling, and that makes us terribly romantic and dreamers.

And when our MAN , hoping he remembers it, will be here standing right in front of us with his gift …whatever this  is …. a flower, a chocolate, or a little love note with the sweetest words, our eyes will shine and Saint Valentine will move away happy to have completed  his  work and fulfilled his destiny!

Picture Toa Heftiba

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