We are all Superwoman

We are all Superwoman

When you find yourself dealing with a thousand problems and duties, you can end up losing sight of the meaning of all these commitments. So, the certainties vanish, and you no longer know what to do and how much importance give to the various daily commitments.  Do you joined the “complain Club” or do you find other ways? Do you arm yourself and go to the rescue, or do you give up?

This is because the way is always uphill and we must put in place a series of skills and abilities to organize, coordinate and manage our lives and our family’s activities, worthy of managerial figures. In other words, we are real leaders, as if we were a boss!

Think about how many things you do in a single day, at the same time: it’s not just about being multitasking, but about facing new challenges daily, new emotions, new problems.

We are talking about expose yourself every day and on several levels, with communication skills, negotiation and promotion strategies. I’m talking about directing a team that depends exclusively on our decisions, knowing how to manage various resources, different commitments, stable priorities and obtaining results. Have you ever considered everyday activities in managerial terms? It is important to do this to give proper value to yourself and manage your daily life successfully, just like a real managers.

Stop complaining because we can’t do the 1000 things that we want, or because we are too busy between home, children and work .. Don’t find some excuses because you haven’t  time for you.

In this daily activities we are not alone! …….. the “Complain Club” has many participants.. but to find time for us, this yes, depends only on ourselves. Unfortunately willy-nilly the daily workload is there, and there is only one way to organize it during the week: think like a boss. Program, organize and delegate.

We must be aware of we are not able to do all perfectly, we are not superwoman. There are things that we can do very well, but there are other activities that bore us or in which we are not completely comfortable … let’s take into consideration and look for the best way to carry out and develop these activities too, exploiting the support of someone that can help us.

Let’s think about what we really want, clarifying our goals if we want to be able to organize ourselves among many commitments that seem to repress us and satisfy only the needs of the others.

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