Are witches back?

Are witches back?

Witches, they were women who just wanted to be recognized in a society that did tried to oust them in all possible ways from public life. The same society wanted them inside houses, under the strict control of the male figures of the family.

Many of them had paid with their death at the stake, what can be defined as an act of disobedience towards established, secular and non-secular power.
The seers usurped power to those who were in charge of the supernatural,
this was their fault.

The origine of the sterotype

From all these reasons it derives the stereotype of the old witch and grim old crone, sorceress, enchantress and forest and caves goer, hidden and gloomy places, dangerous and mysterious woman.

It was the creation of an archaic imagery, but still nowadays strongly shared.

Fashion anthropologist Simona Segre Reinach: “We should be all feminists “,
she does not deny fashion, makeup and power at all.

What’ s going on today?

In short, are the “witches” back? Although changed in their appaerance: necessarily without hair on their legs, tousled hair and ungainly clothes, they are recovering that seduction (which is power), that in the war between sexes, they had to surrender in the name of equality.

After asking for equality in jeans and eskimo, after establishing herself at work wearing suit and after wearing sexy garments to be sensual at any cost, today the woman can finally afford to do what she wants.

Femininity and comfort, the possibility to be well dressed in every different moment of the day …,  this is what today woman wants

“Witches” means emancipation

The achievement of scholastic goals brought the female figure fully into the society; women are often managers, or they hold important and strategical job in many companies; the main role at home (no doubt about that, ever!); all that  gives great power to women..
Then it arises a thorny question: can women still frighten today? Maybe someone can be scared of them, of women’s new power, and maybe more than before…

Nevertheless, we women advance ever-safer, with our head held high, bringing our positivity and our joyful femininity into homes and into society;we fight stereotypes and prejudices, we vigorously express our full potential.

Using the same words pronounced by a witch talking to the judge who later convicted her: ” Can someone feel guilty because of joy? For feeling it so intensely ? Or because of freedom’s desire? I don’t think we can punish anyone for this! “

Hoping that the witch hunt never happens again, we wish that, women and men, old people and children, we can all dance around the fire together on a magical full moon night!

Best wishes to all women from FUZZI!

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